Chess classes and training

Chess learning platform, learn to play and work with your coach from any device and anywhere!
If you are studying chess
The platform will help you with your daily workouts
Working with your coach in personal cabinet
Receive homework and classes at personal cabinet. Solve them on your phone or tablet, earn rating, and your coach will see results immediately!
Free puzzle database
46 thousand chess puzzles of different levels for independent training at any time.
Exercise every day!
Free training cabinet with ratings and awards
If you teach chess
The platform will reduce the time spent checking homework and automates many routine operations
Online classes with video call
Make for your students individual classes with videos and board
Homework exercises
Assign puzzles for students to solve independently at home
All student results
See statistics and progress of each student in one cabinet
Loading puzzles from ChessBase
Add puzzles manually or upload from your database!

... And other possibilities!

Learn more about the coach's cabinet Save up to 15 hours of your time per week!