Chess coach's cabinet

The first platform for online chess lessons
  • Online classes with video call
  • Homework exercises
  • Statistics for each student
  • Import puzzles
Automation of training
Everything you might need to work with students in one window. Make a lesson online, assign homework through the cabinet, and the system itself will check it and show how many mistakes the student has made.
Online classes with video call
Individual online classes. Schedule a day, time, and student on your list to teach an online video class.
Homework checking are no longer needed
Give students practice on a covered topic, and then open the statistics for it. You will see how many puzzles each student solved, which on the first try, in which mistakes were made, how many moves have been made and current progress.
Your own database of chess puzzles
Add puzzles to your account or load them from ChessBase. You can use puzzles to create classes and quickly get started with students
Quick training in openings and tactics
Create classes for each topic and give them to your students. The student will be able to restart class as many times as he needs to remember positions, it speeds up learning.
All student results in one cabinet
All statistics are saved in your cabinet, you can always open the page of your student and look at his results, did he complete all the tasks, in real time.
Free cabinet for remote work with students
Learning is interesting
Interactive completion of tasks get greater interest among students, than standard analysis of problems on picture
You can connect any number of students to your account!
interactive board
The process of solving puzzles on the platform gives greater student involvement, than solution from picture. System makes moves for the opponent, it show move is right or not, shows a hint, if student cannot solve puzzle.
Ratings, titles and awards
Time limit and number of mistakes, rewards for completing tasks, get of ratings and medals, leaderboards, this things makes learning like a game!
Student's personal page
Each student has his own profile on website, his awards and statistics are collected there, so he can show his achievements to his friends, and also communicate with other users via private messaging.

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